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Meet the Team

Who We Are

Nicola English

Proprietor - Early Years Foundation Degree

Nicola has owned and run WASPS since 2006, after first starting to work at WASPS in 2004.

Nicola enjoys watching the children making lasting friendships, use their imagination in role play and grow in confidence whilst they play freely in a safe and happy environment.

Nicola says "As I am a big kid at heart I love to join in with the games and craft activities although I have learnt that I am no artist over the years."

Natasha Back

Level 2 Playwork Assistant

Viktoriia Radchenko

Playwork Assistant

Sarah Congrave

Level 3 Playwork Assistant

Sarah joined the WASPS team in September 2018. Working at WASPS Sarah enjoys watching the children grow in confidence as they play, learn and have fun. One of Sarah's favourite things about working at WASPS is the older children often support and encourage the younger children, which helps them to build new relationships, with not only children from different age groups but also different school.

Chloe Congrave

Level 2 Playwork Assistant

Chloe joined the WASPS team in March 2020. Chloe enjoys watching the children's confidence grow over time and joining in with the activities, supporting and praising them making them feel proud of anything they achieve.

Kristy Hook

Playwork Assistant

Lily Pierce

Gemma Prosser

Level 2 Playwork Assistant

Gemma has been at WASPS since June 2022.  She is so happy to be part of the team and enjoys working at WASPS. Gemma loves taking care of children and has been working with children for over 9 years. She says "It’s a great joy to see all the children playing and having fun!" Gemma loves to see the children trying something new and seeing their little faces glow with happiness when they have learnt something new. 

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