Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open Monday to Friday (term time only) from 07.45am to 9.00am.  We open at an earlier time for parents that need to at 7.30am.

Children are given a healthy breakfast which includes brioche, cereal bars, yoghurts and fruit and milk or water to drink.

Children can then play with toys and games, chat with friends, catch up on homework or play team games before being taken to school via a Walking Bus or Car for registration at School. We also drop off to SPINS Nursery after Breakfast club has finished.


7.45am-8.30am £7.50

7.30am-8.30am £9.50

SPINS drop off £2.00

Take to School by car £2

Discount for siblings attending.  Please ask for details

After school Club is open Monday to Friday (term time only) from 3.15pm to 6.15pm.  We also collect children from SPINS Nursery at 2.15pm if needed.

Children are collected from their Schools or Nursery by Car or Walking Bus and brought back to the Community Centre. The children have free play with daily activities such as:

Arts/Crafts/Messy play, Board and Card games

Construction toys, Role play and Dressing up, Tablets, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Chill out/Reading area, Occasional visitors and daily outings to the park and football field area.  During pandemic, some resources may not be used.

A light tea is provided at 4.15pm which consists of a hot or cold meal with fruit and veg.   After snack children are then allowed to either join in team games and sports or chill out with more free play time. 

If children are attending clubs on site such as Tennis, Beavers, Starlight Stars, Streetdance or Singing we take them to and from their lessons.

After School Club


2.15pm-3.15pm £4.50

3.15pm-5.15pm £13.00

3.15-6.15pm £17.50

Collect by Car £2

Take to clubs on site only £1

Discount for siblings attending.  Please ask for details.

Holiday Play Scheme

Holiday Play Schemes are run between 08.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday during February, Easter (2 weeks), Summer (3 weeks), October and leading up to Christmas. Please refer to the Parents Page for our Opening and Closing Dates.


Children are required to wear weather appropriate clothes and bring in a packed lunch with snacks for the whole day. We do not serve food during Holiday Play Schemes to keep the cost down for parents.


Activity plans are released a few weeks before the play scheme to give you an idea of activities on offer for the children. Please refer to the Useful Information Page for a booking form,


8.00am-1.00pm £12.50

1.00pm-6.00pm £12.50

8.00am-6.00pm £24

Discount for siblings attending.  Please ask for details.