After School Club

After school Club is open term time only weekdays from 2.15pm-6.15pm.

Children are collected from their Schools or Nursery by Car or Walking Bus and brought back to the Community Centre.


The children can enjoy daily activities such as:

  • Arts/Crafts/Messy play/Cooking

  • Board and Card games

  • Construction toys

  • Role play and Dressing up

  • Gameboys, DS, IPAD, Tablets and WII

  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports and team games

  • Chill out/Reading area

  • Homework table

  • Occasional visitors

  • Daily show and tell

  • Daily outings to the park and football field area (weather permitting)


A discount is applied if more than one child attends the setting from the same family.

Car journeys to Jenyns School and St Thomas of Canterbury School are and extra £2 per child per car journey.

We also take and collect children from various clubs on site such as Starlight Stars, Beavers, Tennis, Streetdance, Cubs and Singing.  These will incur an additional cost of £1 per child.

A light snack is provided at 4.15pm which consists of a hot or cold option such as pasta, pizza, noodles, beans on toast with fruit and vegetables.


Biscuits are given to children at 5.30pm for children who stay until 6.15pm.

The light snack is only intended to 'keep your child going' until they go home to eat with their family.


2.15pm-3.15pm £4

3.15pm-5.15pm £12.50

3.15pm-6.15pm £17